Welcome to the Vintage Mountain Bike Festival, 14-15 Aug 2021, Martué (Belgium)

The first edition of the Vintage MTB Festival will take place in the Belgian Ardennes on the saturday 14 and sunday 15 August 2021 in Martué (Florenville, Belgium), with a large camping site along the Semois river, with an impressive network of trails in the Natural Reserve "Les Epioux".

Randos of 40KM and 42KM are open to any mountain bikers (vintage or not)

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A camp site along the Semois river near the bridge, owned by the Marticote.


Martué is located at the entrance of the Natural Reserve "Les Epioux", at the beginning of the Belgian Ardennes, here the viewpoint "Le Rocher du Chat".



  • Pre-2000 mountain bikes (open to other non-vintage bikers as well)
  • Grouped rando on the Saturday (40KM) and Sunday (42KM), see maps
  • Camping, belgian beers and fun
  • Along the Semois river, Natural Reserve "Les Epioux"
  • Market and exchange of Vintage bike parts
  • Exposition by the MTB Museum Arnhem
  • Quiz Jeopardy tombola
  • Projection of Vintage MTB movies
  • 14 august Fireworks


Register your interest on the Facebook event page.

To register, you have to do 2 things:

1. Then send an email to zoobab AT gmail.com with your "name+surname" with the subject "vintagemtb registration".
2. You have to pay the fees at Expanzik asbl bank account (IBAN: BE001497349388 BIC: GEBABEBB) with your "name+surname" in the communication field.


For one day

The fee for one day is 8EUR, which include:

  • access to the trails (with ravitos)
  • an after-ride beer or softdrink

For two days

The participation fee is 20EUR for both days, which include:

  • access to the trails (with ravitos)
  • an after-ride beer or softdrink
  • a place for your tent
  • the sunday morning breakfast

For the saturday evening, we will order pizzas at the local pizzeria, or prepare a BBQ (not included in the fee).


Friday 13 August 2021

  • 10h00-20h00: Build up of the site, volunteers needed, camping already possible

Saturday 14 August 2021

  • 09h00-14h00: Vintage expo and Spare Parts market
  • 14h00-18h00: Vintage randoride (group start on 40km loop, see maps)
  • 18h00-20h00: Pizzas (or BBQ, still in flux)
  • 20h00-21h00: Vintage Jeopardy Quizz (with some prize money, you can donate your vintage gear)
  • 21h00-22h00: Vintage MTB movie
  • 22h00-00h00: Fireworks

Sunday 15 August 2021

  • 08h00-10h00: Breakfast
  • 10h00-16h00: Vintage randoride (group start on 42km loop, see maps)
  • 16h00-18h00: More beers and closure
  • 18h00-20h00: Unmount


"If you talk to anybody who’s restoring old bikes or collecting old bikes, 95 percent of them tell you that’s exactly why you do it: because they want the bikes they couldn’t have as kids."

— Mike Wilk interview in CyclingTips "The refurb man: Building and riding mountain bikes from the good old days"




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Email: zoobab at gmail.com
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